To find the right property to fit your particular needs and wants is no easy undertaking. Area, price range, size, neighbourhood, location, condition, facilities, and infrastructure – everything must be considered.
The buying process can be confusing from making an offer and negotiating terms to the close of escrow. We make your property purchase as convenient as possible. We will answer any question and prepare your purchase step by step. We provide you with knowledge about trends, market, area and other objective information. We also have the ability to negotiate terms, price, repairs and much more.

Each real estate transaction has its own unique characteristics. Here are some steps for purchasing property in California.

Making an Offer

Offers are always in writing.

Opening Escrow

Once the purchase agreement is accepted and signed by all parties, escrow will be opened.

Title Report and Title Insurance

In California the title of the property is searched by a title company and a preliminary title report is issued on the condition of the title.

Close of Escrow

The close of escrow signifies legal transfer of title from the seller to the buyer.

Property Search