Selling a property is always a big decision.

There are several factors to consider when to put your property on the market:
.… is it the right time to sell?
.….… is the market strong?
.….….… what are the mortgage rates?
.….….….… what makes your property better than others?
.….….….….…do you present it in the right way?
Your important transaction should not be conducted without the expertise and assistance of Nedwed Real estate. Our perfect work will stand for your success.

We have registered US and European clients!
We are a professional, experienced and motivated team!
We work seven days a week!
We would sell your property with great responsibility!
We know how to target advertising to reach the right buyer for your property


In addition to the local customary marketing tools, local agents here utilize, we use specialized marketing strategies and advertisement to sell your property.
Working with NEDWED REAL ESTATE will make your transaction to an easy and successful experience.

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